Keep Your Plumbing Fixtures

Get professional fixture repairs in and around Hinesburg & Burlington, VT

Don't let faulty faucets or fixtures put your bathroom out of commission. Long Trail Plumbing & Heating based in Hinesburg, VT offers fixture repair and replacement services that you can rely on. We have access to quality equipment and can get your sink back up and running in no time.

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Do you need new fixtures?

Never settle for an outdated or malfunctioning faucet. If you're dealing with faucet or fixtures issues, turn to Long Trail Plumbing & Heating. You should schedule a faucet replacement when...

Your hot and cold handles don't work
Your faucet is leaking or spewing
One of your handles breaks off
Your fixture is cracked or loose
You're renovating your bathroom

Get your kitchen or bathroom back up and running. Call Long Trail Plumbing & Heating today for professional fixture repairs.

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